southern Africa

Tribal history

With my extensive knowledge of the peoples of southern Africa, I am able to take you through all of the famous battles that forged our nation. We can visit these sites today.

Also, the migration of different tribes, both indigenous and otherwise, played a major role in shaping the modern southern Africa. From the Xhoisan and Bushmen to the Dutch settlers to the movements of tribes that exist still today, such as the Zulu and Xhosa - it all tells a fascinating story of how we developed as a region. Much of today's economy is still based on these historical movements whether it was labour related or warfare over land and livestock.

The slave trade left an indelible mark on the region, and today accounts for the concentration of certain cultures in specific areas, such as Indians in KwaZulu-Natal who were brought over as indentured workers, to the Malays who worked for the Dutch settlers in the Cape.

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